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The carrier wanted to represent the ideals and expectations of the new conservative right, illuminated, open to progress and facing outside, interested in placing the country in a broader international scope, attentive to economic development and to new emerging social classes. Great new at: eventi culturali piemonte

The courier, however, had to sustain a long struggle to establish itself.
The turning point came in the early ‘ 900, with the ascent to the direction of Luigi Albertini, the first Director of the long journey.
The internal revolution in everyday life, which allowed the young Secretary of the Editorial Board of direction, was related to the tragic events of 1898 in Milan, who led the Government Pelloux, in the new century, the attempt of an authoritarian the conduct of the country.

Complice the Crespi, Luigi Albertini desautorò, in fact, the Senator Domenico Oliva, Director of the civil liberty provisions, giving the newspaper a breakthrough pass.
Albertini’s leadership represented the golden age of the newspaper, because he realized the full authority of the same, giving trust, reliability and fostering a growing account abroad.
All this could happen thanks to substantial investment on the part of the property, which allowed the growth of the editorial, the introduction of new technologies in common use (the Telegraph and later telephone), the use of special envoys (the famous journalistic dynasty of Barzini), which ensured the newspaper to be always ‘ on ‘ and the news arriving from the United States, in the new premises in Via Solferino new press, Coe, able to increase the print run.

It was the ‘ belle epoque ‘, which in Italy coincided with the giolittiana age, the period of greatest growth and affirmation of newspapers.
Frassati printing in Turin, Italy Journal of Bagley in Rome, along with the Messenger and the grandstand, il Resto del Carlino in Bologna, il Secolo XIX in Genoa, il Gazzettino in Venice, La Nazione in Florence, il Mattino in Naples, il Giornale di Sicilia in Palermo, are some of the most important magazines of the Galaxy of information in Italy in the first half of the century.
These newspapers were aligned differently in the political field.
Some of them openly supported the complex and discussed policy options of Giovanni Giolitti, others strenuously opposed by, among others, while critics, as the courier of Albertini, evaluated from time to time, specifically, the action of Dronero.

Similarly, the press is divided in the face of military initiatives; There were fewer opt-outs against the Libyan company, against the Ottoman Empire, compared to fractures and conflicts caused by the painful and tormented decision of entry into the first world war, at the side of the Entente powers, in 1915.
In particular, the most fierce aversion to war came from the Socialist opposition to the system of Giolitti’s supporters. The political daily the Forward would have to follow the political line of the party, but its young Director, Benito Mussolini, was favorable to the conflict.
For this reason, left his post and was expelled from the Socialist, but was quickly able to establish, with the help of some steel and industrial groups zuccherieri (thanks to the mediation of N, Director of Il Resto del Carlino), a new journal, the people of Italy, which in 1918 took the subtitle is newspaper of fighters and the manufacturer.

This was, in the twenty and more years, the official newspaper of the regime, not the only one, but one of the duce, that party, where that reference first appeared (but not always) the watchwords of fascism.
After the first world war, with its load of grief and hope soon disillusioned, the country discovered its complexity and the masses, before anonymous and indifferent, began forcefully, to be the real protagonists of political action.…